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太史龙纹 Staff asked 1 year ago

 2016有 4000元的股票loss 是 wash sale (洗售).
我知道这部分是不能抵税的. 我担心如果不体现在税表上, 会不会影响我2017年的税.
怎样才能体现这部分loss在税表上? 该怎么填?  
打比方, 我2017 如果股票盈利 1000元, 实际上 我还是 1000-4000= -3000元loss
如果2016税表不体现那部分-4000, 我2017 就变成 +1000, 那就要报盈利税了. 晕
1099-b 交易记录有 3000多页, 怎么邮寄给IRS. 他们接受光盘版的文档么? 没办法导入到报税软件里,超出限制了

adjust code 好多, 搞不明白
Form 8949 Adjustment Codes
Certain adjustments to capital gain or loss amounts require a special code as outlined in the Schedule D and Form 8949 instructions. If your transactions require any of these adjustments, you must enter the total adjustment (as a positive or negative number) and include the code(s) and adjustment amount on your statement.
You must also enter the total of all adjustments on your statement, and all Adjustment Codes used on your statement, in TurboTax. If more than one code applies, enter all the codes that apply (for example, “BOQ”). Do not separate the codes by a space or comma.
These are the adjustment codes recognized by the IRS: B, C, D, E, H, L, M, N, O, Q, R, S, T, W, X
Note: If code “C” is used, then all gain/loss resulting from the sales summarized by this entry will be treated as 28% (collectible) gain. As a result, if you need to use summary reporting for sales of collectibles and other items, then you should enter these as two separate summaries – one summarizing only the collectible sales and one summarizing all sales of other items.
(Code “M”, indicating you’re reporting a summary of sales, will automatically be added to your sales summary by TurboTax, and does not need to be entered by you.)

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Tax1on1Tax1on1 Staff answered 12 months ago

Code W is for wash sale. 首先看看你的1099B statement有没有正确包括wash sale对Basis的影响 如果没有,那么参考以下:
If you received a Form 1099-B (or substitute statement) and the amount of nondeductible wash sale loss shown in box 1g is incorrect, enter the correct amount of the nondeductible loss as a positive number in column (g). If the amount of the nondeductible loss is less than the amount shown on Form 1099-B (or substitute statement), attach a statement explaining the difference. If no part of the loss is a nondeductible loss from a wash sale transaction, enter -0- in column (g).