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bigruler Staff asked 2 years ago

你好,我请教下,如果在联邦税中使用了$5000的treaty,是否在报加州州税的时候就必须要使用540 nr long form,可以使用short form吗?谢谢

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Tax1on1Tax1on1 Staff answered 2 years ago

是的 建议使用 Long Form
因为你需要使用Form 540 Schedule CA Column C Line 7 把5000免税加回去;而Schedule CA上面的数字是要填在540NR Long Form上面去。具体等你填完Schedule CA时就可以看到了 表格只提到了Long Form Form 540NR.
Income exempted by U.S. treaties
If you excluded income exempted by U.S. tax treaties on your federal Form 1040 (unless specifically exempt for state purposes), enter the excluded amount in column C. If you claimed foreign earned income or housing cost exclusion on your federal Form 1040 (under IRC Section 911), see the instructions for line 21.

Enter the amount excluded from federal income on Schedule CA (540 or 540NR), line 7, column C.