DWQA QuestionsCategory: New York非公司员工用个人账户替公司购置物品,公司报销后的收入需要算在1099内?
T.L. Staff asked 11 months ago
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Tax1on1Tax1on1 Staff answered 11 months ago

看起来这是corporate expense 直接那这个人的发票报销应该就可以  就好比candidate来公司面试 然后你们给报销费用 应该不需要发放1099了

Tax1on1Tax1on1 Staff replied 11 months ago

Rev. Ruling 63-77: Based on the facts in the instant case, for Federal income tax purposes, payments to or on behalf of the individuals by way of allowance, reimbursement, or directly to public carriers, for expenses of round-trip transportation costs of the interviews (including the cost of meals and lodging during such period) are not includible in the individuals' gross income, to the extent they do not exceed the expenses incurred.