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ISO已经反映在W2中了,但是从FIDELITY下载时,又把PROCEEDING都算了一遍,现在 TURBOTAX给的缴税额FED加州的基本跟全部获利差不多,这里是否有重复计算? 除了这个ISO,今年的W2和去年没啥变化,卖个ISO不可能把全部利得都缴税缴光吧?

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Tax1on1Tax1on1 Staff answered 2 years ago

When you exercise an incentive stock option (ISO), there are generally no tax consequences, although you will have to use Form 6251 to determine if you owe any Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).   
请double check是否因为AMT的原因,以及是否因为被当做了NQ Stock Option?