federal是合报的 LD加州全年有收入 偶加州8个月无收入,后离开加州~ 报加州州税可以jointly吗?用540吗?(可是偶是part-year,能跟ld 用540吗? 还是应该分开,ld自己用540,偶不报税(因为没有收入)

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Staff February 23, 2016

你应该是选择和联邦税filing status一致。。。 合报的话则你们俩人要用540NR;分开报的话,也可以的话貌似不行,请参考加州的Form 540 Instruction:
以下是instruction excerpt ==》
If you file a joint tax return for federal, you may file separately for California if either spouse was:
• An active member of the United States armed forces or any auxiliary military branch during 2015.
• A nonresident for the entire year and had no income from California sources during 2015.

If you filed a joint tax return and either you or your spouse/RDP was a nonresident for 2015, you must file the Long or Short Form 540NR, California Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return.


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