Harvard Law School TaxHelp provides low-income individuals and families in Boston and Cambridge with free, confidential tax assistance in preparing state and federal tax returns.

这里的志愿者主要是来自于哈佛大学法学院的学生;也有热爱帮助纳税人的社区居民;很多纳税人都连续多年使用他们的纳税服务;纳税季的时候在Cambridge Public Library的前台都可以问到他们的信息。在Boston或者Cambridge读书的朋友们,可以关注通过邮件联系他们,关注一下具体的志愿者信息。

For Volunteers

We encourage you to volunteer. Helping our clients is very rewarding, and clients tend to be really appreciative. Volunteers need not have math ability or tax background – many volunteers in past years had never prepared their own taxes before. Volunteering through TaxHelp does count toward the Pro Bono requirement. The only requirement to volunteer is to pass IRS Certification Tests on tax law and preparation. There are comprehensive study materials available both through TaxHelp and the IRS.

Our volunteer location will be the main Cambridge Public Library at 449 Broadway (an easy walk from the law school).  Our volunteer times are:

– Fridays from 11:30-4:30

– Saturdays from 10-3

We will start volunteering the first weekend of February and continue until April 15, with the exclusion of the weekend before and after Spring Break.

You will also be able to volunteer at the Central Square location of Cambridge LIFT, our new partner, at 19 Brookline Street.  You can schedule your volunteering for times that are convenient for you.

Training and Certification

Highly recommended training will be conducted on Saturday, Dec. 3 by our partner, Cambridge LIFT, from 10-2PM, where you will take the Basic certification required by the IRS.  You will also be required to complete Intermediate certification.  If you cannot attend the training, you will also be required to complete Advanced certification.  The certification tests are available here:

Also, again, all of our volunteers need Intermediate certification.

If you do not attend the Basic certification training (either 12/3 or 1/22), you can still volunteer if you receive Advanced certification.

Certification Materials

Here is a document explaining how to get certified, provided by our LIFT-Cambridge partner:

Guide to Certification

If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail hls.taxhelp@gmail.comto get added to our mailing list so you will get all of the most up-to-date information on volunteering.

Here is a draft of the presentation for the orientation meeting for 2012:

TaxHelp Orientation 2012

Here are our training and organizational materials from last year (for the 2011 tax season):

– TaxHelp Student Organization Information

– Guide to Using TaxWise to Get Basic Certification

For Clients

Please note that we can generally only help with relatively simple returns. Also, please be sure to bring all of your tax forms (W-2s, 1099s, etc), including your your MA 1099-HC form (health insurance form), and preferably also your social security card, if you have them.

Our volunteer location for the 2012 tax season (i.e., for filing 2011 taxes) will be the main Cambridge Public Library at 449 Broadway. Our volunteer times will be:

– Fridays from 11:30-4:30

– Saturdays from 10-3

We will begin these Friday and Saturday sessions on February 3 and continue them until April 14, excluding March 9-17. No appointment is necessary.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please e-mail We look forward to assisting you.